Trumping the Markets

The jobs data for 2016 is going to be highly unreliable. Election year = volatile year in equities (we’re believers!)

We’ve seen an extraordinary rally in equities this week. S&P looking in June Futures contracts in high 1970 (trading 1978 in futures today)…

Gold again remains an inflationary measure. Good to have during inflation and times of uncertainty. We are seeing deflation – not inflation.

Real Estate. Home flipping has reached 10 year high 180,000 homes/condos flipped – about 5%-10%… pretty big number if you think about it for just 2015.

Commercial RE, values still relatively competitive, CAP rates reasonable (lot of room to grow in rents).

In recent history, we have never seen this – a real true movement that is happening. Incredible numbers of people coming out to vote on republican side to vote for trump.

If you’re a Savant investor this is potentially the greatest thing for us going forward and be the catalyst for hockey-stick economic curve moving forward.

If you’re going to be an investor in today’s equities/energy/real estate – must be prepared to weather the volatility.

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