Jordan Wirsz

Savant Investment Partners, CEO
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jordan Wirsz serves as the founder and CEO of the Savant companies (2011-present) and is the principal of Savant Investment Management, LLC. Mr. Wirsz brings with him more than 13 years of real estate investment experience in a wide variety of real estate assets representing hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions. Mr. Wirsz is responsible for overseeing Savant’s real estate investments including locating and negotiating real estate transactions, asset management, property management, leasing strategies, portfolio strategies, partnerships, investor relations, and administration. In the course of the Savant’s business, Mr. Wirsz has spearheaded more than $100 million of real estate investments since 2012.

Prior to Savant, Mr. Wirsz served as CEO of Diamond Bay Investments (2002-2009), a private capital finance company that managed more than $100 million of capital including a private investment fund. As a real estate investment manager, Mr. Wirsz has underwritten and completed several hundred million dollars of investments in a wide variety of real estate transactions across the United States, including commercial and residential assets, land entitlement and development projects, industrial properties, office projects, retail shopping centers, and build-to-suit transactions. Mr. Wirsz is a very active real estate investor and has served the roles of investor, developer, lender, fund manager, consultant, and broker. Mr. Wirsz is a nationally recognized real estate expert who has been recognized by members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, Nevada state government, and has been featured on numerous national television networks including CNBC, NBC, and Fox News. Mr. Wirsz was awarded the prestigious “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award by the Small Business Administration in 2007. Mr. Wirsz is also a notable author and speaker, and in the past has devoted considerable time to those endeavors through his company Jordan Wirsz International Inc. (2009-2011). Mr. Wirsz continues to speak on investment and business topics when his schedule permits.